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Lynx Media’s name is metaphoric on many levels as its owner launched her publishing career with an advertising agency that was borne at the base of the San Juan Mountains in a 150-year-old log cabin in the mid-80s. That agency eventually grew to be one of the largest and most award-winning publishing firms in the Four Corners region. As time evolved and circumstances changed in sequence with the short-haired, tufted-eared lynx being introduced back into the Rocky Mountains, this newly spirited company’s name was so inspired—Lynx Media. In essence, the name celebrates new beginnings, persistence and tenacity as well as all creatures innate to nature’s awe-inspiring kingdoms. In love with wild and earthly things like the sun, the moon, the water and sky, the “lynx” is the proper allegory for the rhetorical and literary devices passionately created by its namesake—magazines. In the winds of time’s long past, lynx were known to be the “keepers of ancient secrets and the teachers of hidden skills.” They were said to be clairvoyant and could see others’ fears, lies and deceptions. They seemingly found strength in silence and knew to listen to their “higher selves.” Indistinguishably, the magazines originated by Lynx Media, turn on their “extrasensory perception (ESP), if you will, to capture the soul of a person, place or thing; albeit the bright and light sides are normally showcased, not the underbelly, controversial sides. Ironically, the Latin Greek derivation of “leuk” (lynx) means “light, brightness.” To view more publications, visit MontroseStyles.Com or Write-Up-Your-Alley.Com

The laws of nature are universal, ever moving and forever changing.

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This award-winning publication celebrates the Western Slope of Colorado.

"Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever."
~ Napoleon Bonaparte