Internet Economy

The internet influences nation’s more than some governments. It’s taken on a life of its own and has created wealth beyond anyone’s imagination. Everyone likely knows Google is the granddaddy of all internet-based companies. It’s reported that its income is $520 billion annually and is the framework by which most other giants plant their websites, growing them and their off-shoots around the universe.

Amazon, Facebook, Tencent, Alibaba, Uber, Baidu, Ant Financial and Sales Force are respectively the next largest internet-based companies. America and China seemingly rule the worldwide web. Together you’ll find them working in the retail space with America, of course, being the major consumer of China’s products. We American’s have grown dependent on China’s ability to product a massive amount of goods at ultra cheap comparatively.

Are you interested in hitching a ride onto Google’s bandwagon? Outlined for you are 20 top ways you can get involved in creating passive income on Google. Kindly note, there are about 1,000 “how to” systems specifically outlined under “Golden Massive Marketplace” for you as well.

eBook Publishing – Write 40 to 100 pages on your favorite subject.

Affiliate Marketing – Blog on a top you wish to promote. Each download gets you a commission.

Teach Online Course – Best if you’re already a teacher, simply film your classes and sell.

eCommerce Store – Becoming the most popular way to make money, is to create your own storefront in a niche you find is over competitive and salable.

Build An App – Create a utility, gaming or content app to sell on iTunes or Google Play.

Domain Selling – Buy and sell domain names and websites. Create online real estate.

eBay or Amazon – Sell things on eBay or Amazon. Either source from Good Wills or sell your stuff.

Write or Design – Bloggers and website writers are in high demand. Don’t under charge.

Virtual Assistant – Seek employment from big companies to do their social media, postings, et al.

Manufacture Your Own Product – Many companies, particularly from China, will create a product for you so you can market on internet, Amazon, eBay.

Create Job Board or Directory Membership Sites – Create income from current information.

Sell Services on eBay – Design logos, flyers, or just about any other service and sell online.

Software Development – Give me the money; once developed sell to other onliners.

Dropship – Take products from one manufacturer and resell it on another retail site.

Purchase Established Online Biz – With established income, this might prove easiest investment.

Invest in Startups – This generation is born into the net and intuitively have great online ideas, invest in their visions.

Forex Trading – Online stock trading can be hugely profitable. Learn techniques.

Photography – Sell your photos. Great royalties for a lifetime.

YouTube Videos – Market your business or subject that intrigues you and make money on ads.

Review Writing – Launches happen everyday on internet. Be the first to review, rank, sell online stuff.



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~ Mark Twain