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Get an internet address password and logbook to stay organized. About $6, and well worth it. Click on images.

Netgear extends your WiFi to devices like the iPhone, PlayStation. External antennas for better performance. About $27 to reach up to 300 Mbps.

Apple iPad – 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit widescreen Multi-Touch display with IPS technology, 2048×1536-pixel resolution at 264 ppi. This iPad runs about $479.

SRocker V2c 2.4 GHz Wireless Mouse for PC and Mac. A faster transmission speed and a more reliable connection. Its wireless function makes it easy to carry. About $10. 

Google and Einstein have a lot in common – their brains are magnetically magnificent. Paperclip holder with tongue is about $14 and will add humor to your internet lifestyle.

Totally tubular Italian office chair made of polished aluminum. Gotta be comfortable while you Google search. About $255. Tilt the chair backwards, now!

Premium internet protection in real time for all your PC, Mac and mobile devices. This award-winning security software is about $28. Click on the red strip to find out more.

Pro you; anti virus, anti theft and has a password keeper called True Key. Digital downloads make for easy and immediate access. This is about $17 and worth it!

The Internet Shop is for those who “live” the Google searching lifestyle. It truly exploit its billion users, get this book. It’s $32 bucks and can change your internet exploring. 

The inventor of this fidgety tool sold over $305K in 20 days. The idea that we internet are fidgety sorts along with growing teens is an understatement. You might burn some calories with this $6 fellow, too!. 

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