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>The essentials of running an effective online business are monetizing your website with the likes of Google AdWords, knowing the algorithms of Google and how to SEO correctly.  For your convenience, we are showcasing Amazon’s top selling references on the aforementioned subjects. Each are written by authorities in their respective fields.

For clarity, an e-commerce store is a virtual store that promotes goods, services or information for customers to purchase. The trend is not a trend anymore, as a vast amount of people nowadays prefer to shop online. Huge vendors like Walmart, Target and Home Depot are beginning to focus on their online sales machines as findings from the likes of CBS News say stores are not seeing the under 50 crowd physically in-stores as they prefer shopping on their phones or computers.

Perhaps the downside of online shopping is that there are only so many “top spots” on a page and the “big boys” will always be the ones who can afford top billing. It’s natural for a business such as Google to rank payers first and, of course, the gigantic stores can afford the top-gun SEOs to keep them up on page one, too. What’s emerged from our ever-growing attachment to the internet are other online businesses and jobs. Perhaps the most notable is that of the affiliate marketer, who obtains a percentage of profit when marketing others’ goods and services. If they sell a baby stroller from Amazon through a niche website they created, they’d get a percentage of the total sale. The affiliate is most often responsible for shipping products to buyers and for accepting return of product if client isn’t satisfied.

Amazon and eBay are to two biggest online stores in the world. They have stores within their “stores” that are owned and operated by the likes of this author. For quality assurance, they have guideposts in place and are magnetic forces in drawing buyers to their corridors helping so many sell their wares online. Owners can brand stores and create their own product lines or “drop ship” other manufacturers’ goods from their stores. Many a millionaire has been made from the Amazon and eBay platforms. Naturally, both giants want you to make money. They more you make, the more they make. A win/win.

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