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Hello. I am Kathleen Bush, a long-time journalist, graphic artist and business owner. I invite you to look at this brilliantly simple system to make an unlimited amount of money. (Videos and proof earnings below.) Earn $25, $50 or $100 for each email you process. You are guaranteed to get paid immediately for each email processed. This is a great way to make $1000s per week. Good news is you need no experience and can start today! Other wonderful news is there are hundreds, if not thousands, making a full-time living from this email processing system. This system was established in 2009 and has evolved to include text message marketing. 

Earn A Little Extra Cash Or An Unlimited Amount Paid Daily Straight Into Your PayPal Account.

Get Paid $25, $50 or $100/Email

Buy in at top level and you get all payment levels. This isn't a get rich system, but one you have to work and nurture. If you work it, it shall come.

Training & Support

We have step-by-step training videos to get you going right away. It's suggestion you produce Youtube videos as great traction has been gotten from these.

Instant Paypal Payments

Set up takes a few minutes. You have to sen us a photo of yourself, PayPal email links, Facebook address. It will take 24-48 hours to launch your site. You may create your own, too.

You could make $273,750/Year If You
Processed 50/Day

Work From Home Or anywhere

You can work where ever you want, when ever you want. You are your own boss. Imagine being the CEO of your own company and you can brand it, wrap it in the latest techno gadgets… whatever you want. You simply process emails. No spamming

Pre-Written Ads That Are Making A Ton of Money

There is no limit to the amount of emails you can process. The deposits happen immediately and go straight to your PayPal account. There are no refunds and we adhere to this strictly. You could be on your way to making $150 to $300 today!

Here's What You'll Be Doing For A Couple Hours A Day

  1. Post pre-written ad copy on Craig’s List and a list of other directories and social media. (Youtube videos are providing real leverage, so it’s suggested to create some videos for yourself, to keep leads and sign-ups coming in.) Text to your peeps and get sign-ups. Lead generation resources are provided. Consistency is the key. Respond to their sign-ups, but getting them the resources and website.

I signed up With both ladies above as their successes are INCREDiable. Andriana focuses on Craig's List and social media and Nic on Text Message Marketing.

Getting your message out there is easy. You cut and paste from the pdf booklet provided and watch the payments come rolling in. Brand it you way; make it your business.

Instant Cash

You are your own boss, so the more consistent you are, the more you will make. With the advent of technologies, text message marketing is a stellar means of connecting to opt-ins. Simple directives and resources provided.

Global Opportunity

Pick a program that best fits your budget. After you pay, I’ll process the email from PayPal and get you training. You will need a business PayPal (free), photo of you, Facebook ID. I’ll send you a webpage. You may also build your own website or ad one to your blog. Zero monthly payments. You get a business in a box… you just need to start getting sign-ups.



One Time  Fee РNo Refunds

Customer Support

Step-by-Step Instruction

Basic Craig's List & Facebook Training



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Craig's List Domination -Find prospects who are READy to join you!

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Text Message Marketing Blueprint And Resources.