Add a Google Search Bar to your website. It will improve your visitors overall experience and is a time saver. It also will increase page views on your site and drives Google Adsense to your site as will. Here is how you add a Google Search Bar.

  1. Log into your blogger account.
  2. Go to Google Custom Search Engine. Click here. 
  3. Add and follow this video.

The internet has changed the world for the better. We share knowledge like never before. We are able to instruct students around the globe in specialized medicine, engineering and other technologies. We are able to modernize entire countries via educational videos and sharing databases. Our world has overall become a better place with the internet. Billions of people a day Google information or products that enhance their lives and the lives of their children. Millions have been able to make a living online and quit their “bosses,” while tripling their incomes. Solutions to world crisis can be resolved from super-fast computing. We have become, in a word, a global village, of concerned and caring individuals. As time passes, more and more people will be be drawn to the internet and Google’s vast browsing capabilities. They will adapt to its findings and try, as millions already are, to sow seeds of prosperity onto its fertile nesting grounds. With that, what will help “Googlers” most? What will make them prosper and delight? For certain, many of the products on the landing page will enhance lives who live around the net, but what else? Keywords. Action. Connectivity. Keyword phrases. Domain names. Placement. Credibility. Earnestness. Data-driven facts and trends. 

Google searching tips and tricks. 

  • Use minus sign to ignore word
  • Use quotes to find exact matches
  • Use asterisk to replace a word search
  • Type in “Google site:” to find exact websites
  • Compare items using “vs”
  • Calculate numbers in search bar
  • Use the word “define” to look up slang words
  • Use Google Search Bar “Images” and other catagories
  • Learn to YouTube queries 


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"The only difference between me and a madman is that I'm not mad."
~ Salvador Dali